Predict Tomorrow's Price of Bitcoin enables anyone to predict the future price of Bitcoin (BTC) to win up to 1,000 DAI (~$1,000 USD).

Specifically, this Dapp requires NO FEES to play. Anyone can start the game by depositing 100 DAI to the Smart Contract of Tomorrows price. The deposit amount will remain the same at all time, and can be withdrawn 100% eventually at anytime.

For the prize, it will add up everyday, until the total value reaches 1,000 DAI. In case of wining, the winner can withdraw everything which includes the deposit amount and the prize. Undoubtedly, gas fees will incur throughout the whole process, as it is mandatory to run Smart Contract on Ethereum.

About the Prize

It lays on a powerful DeFi system.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
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Tomorrows price actually facilitates the power of Whenever a deposit happens, their system will start to give back a return rate. Bacoor has successfully adopted this amazing system to raise the prize for Tomorrows price.

In fact, this mechanism is the power source of this Dapp. Specifically, everything is operating automatically by Smart Contract, which minimizes the risk to almost nil.

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