50 specialists

Our specialists are top experts in multiple fields. They have years of experience, especially in Blockchain Technology, Sofwares, Mobile Application, UI/UX, and Marketing.

03 countries

Bacoor has representatives to support clients in 03 different countries: Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We aim to double that in 2023.

08 projects

We have promoted, supported and advised 08 different Projects regarding Blockchain Applications in 04 different  countries.


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Our specialty is dealing with digital assets which include Ethereum, Token and Smart Contract. We provide the most optimized solution with our best wisdom and knowledge. We expect to renovate the world with our great dedication to the Blockchain technology. We believe that marvel is built from adherence, exploration and improvement.

At this very moment, our world is moving in a fast pace toward a brighter future. It is the future without any geographical obstacles, especially in payment. People also call this as Fin-tech which is financial technology. It all happens incredibly fast due to the development of Blockchain technology.

Indeed, we now can stay in Japan and pay someone in the U.S to exchange for goods without any administration or interference. Moreover, we can even create our own token to exchange for fiat money or goods, thanks to the smart contract feature of Blockchain technology. The world is presently facilitated with such an advanced technology. 

Hence, our wish is to contribute to the evolution of Blockchain technology. We believe HB Wallet will be the most chosen wallet when users think about Ethereum in the near future.

Welcome to the future of advanced payment!





Bacoor Inc. is a tech company that specialized in Blockchain and Smart Contract. We aim to deliver the best products with our very best efforts, knowledge, and wisdom.

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