Blockchain Card Smart Proof

Store NFT and Blockchain Asset in a Physical Card

Smart Proof enables anyone to store NFT and Blockchain asset on a physical card. Specifically, it means you can actually transfer your assets to anyone without making a transaction, but to give a physical card.

For instance, participants at an event can join your Airdrop directly by receiving your Smart Proof. The card will simplify the whole process, and minimize all technical issues, as participants only need to scan a card to receive your Airdrop. On the other hand, anyone can sell Smart Proof online to earn fiat in return. Hence, the possibility is endless.

At the meantime, Bacoor can help to launch Smart Proof on both Ethereum and TomoChain by using our current products.

About Smart Proof

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Secured on Smart Contract
Smart Proof

This feature operates based on the power of Smart Contract, where assets are delegated and distributed automatically. In particular, creator will delegate an amount of asset to a Smart Contract. By then, a series of QR code will be generated. If a QR is scanned, the Smart Contract will send a designated amount of asset to the scanning device.

This will save time and effort for both creator and receiver when making a transfer. The feature is applicable for all Blockchain assets on Ethereum, as well as TomoChain, which include Non-fungible token (NFT), BTC, ETH, USDT, TOMO, and token.

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