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Bacoor Company will release UNKOin to celebrate HB Wallet reached 10.000 downloads

February 6, 2018



To celebrate HB Wallet reached 10.000 downloads, from March 1st, Bacoor Company will provide “AIR DROP” UNKOin to HB Wallet’s users.


Right now, in Japan, since the event of a big virtual currencies trading platform happened, the virtual currencies community becomes full of dark stories. But with the hope of bringing even just a little of lucky to virtual currencies’ fans, Bacoor company has hurriedly released  UNKOin.


What is [UNKOin]?

In your main account of HB Wallet, when you receive UNKOin, the theme of HB Wallet will automatically change into a different one covered in sh*t.


How to have [UNKOin]?

In HB Wallet, from March 1st, ”UNKOin AIR DROP” button will be displayed. And UNKOin can be distributed through clicking on it. As long as your there’s UNKOin existed in your main account, you can always see it in your HB Wallet.



Please check out the file named “Toilet paper” in the official page here:

Our company is running with the aim of spread more about the technology of smart contract and virtual currencies to people. This funny experiment is also just a fun way to use this technique. Please try getting UNKOin and send them to your family and friends. May be then the luck will come to you.

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