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HB Wallet has achieved 10.000 downloads

February 5, 2018



This time, our application has surpassed 10.000 downloads. Thank you so much for your support.

Together with iOS version and Android, please continue to support us from now on.



「HB Wallet」developed by Bacoor company,  is a mobile application about crypto-currency. We released it in the summer last year, and piled up with updates as needed, finally we were able to achieve 10.000 downloads.


「HB Wallet’s features」

  1. UI design is simple and easy to use.

  2. Data is not managed on server but users’ smartphones.

  3. Using passphrase to restore your assets anytime.

  4. You can create more than 300 types of Token account

  5. Correspond to all of ERC20 tokens, and you can add whichever token you like.

  6. Available in not only Japanese but other 6 languages.


Download link on Appstore:


Download link on Google Play Store:


We will continue to make further improvements in the future, with plans such as exchanging cryto-currencies between trader fellows, and implement ICO participation functions, etc. Please look forwards to it!







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