Bacoor Services Come With Great Dedication

Bacoor offers a wide-range of services to fully support any Projects, or Companies that willing to explore the amazing Blockchain Technology.

In the last 04 years, Bacoor has advised, grown, and developed for more than 15 Blockchain Projects. In our possession, we own 04 main projects, as the most popular one is HB Wallet. Our HB Wallet has obtained over 72,000 active users, and more than 300,000 downloads from all over the World within 03 years.

Recently, we have successfully launched Pantograph on TomoChain in May 2020. This amazing app enables anyone to experience latest applications of Blockchain. For instance, you can create NFT (Non-fungible token) from scratch without coding; or send any assets without knowing the address of the receiver; or make transactions that completely free; and much more.

Imagination now comes true with the power of advanced Smart Contract.

Create Blockchain Application

Work with us to bring your brilliant ideas to reality

Start from a Dapp

Launch your product on Blockchain as a Dapp (Decentralized Application), by integrating Smart Contract, and optimize every step. This structure will improve efficiency, user experience, and reduce costs for your product greatly.

Launch Blockchain Mobile App

The market of mobile app is expanding rapidly in the last few years. Undeniably, it will continue in the near future. Hence, you need to be exceptional within your niche to earn attention. It's time to adopt Blockchain to make a difference.

Customize Smart Contract

Digital token and NFT are useful to cut costs for businesses. On the other hand, digital assets have a privilege when it comes to management, transfer, and transparency. It explains why they are the future of economics.

Promote your Project

Reach out to thousands of Blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world

Earn more Awareness

Host your community on Pantograph and HB Wallet to reach out to thousands of Blockchain enthusiasts.

Promote your Token

Create airdrop campaigns, and display your token on our products to enlarge your community in the long run.

Boost your Dapp

Put your Dapps on our browsers and NFT markets to enhance your visibility at the end of the day.

Form up a Partnership

Cooperate with Bacoor to strengthen our Blockchain Community

Blockchain Event

Coordinate with us in Blockchain Events to strengthen our reputation. Besides, we believe hosting event is a great way to encourage mass adoption.

Cross Promotion

Amplify your marketing campaigns with Bacoor through cross-promotion activities at the same time. Moreover, users of both sides will have a chance to try out something new.

Feature Integration

Integrate your unique features to HB Wallet or Pantograph to earn more traffic. Besides, we can always discuss in detail to figure out the best way to cooperate.

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