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Bacoor Inc. provides various efficient solutions for other Blockchain Companies to expand their communities, and to reach out to thousands of daily active users that have interest in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.


As a partner of XIN Marketing, we also offer services on within our packages. Our business services are provided as below.​​


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Airdrops & Token Sale

We provide a function called 'Grab Token' on HB Wallet, which allows users to receive FREE Airdrops, or join Token Sale Events of other Blockchain Companies directly. Each airdrops, or Token Sale can reach out to thousands of users daily.

Token Listing on HB Search Token

A listed Token can be add easily on HB Wallet by using our 'Search Token' function. For unregistered tokens, users need to add them manually by using contract address which is quite complicated. 

Upload Token Cards on HB Database

HB Wallet can store most tokens on ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721. We display our list of tokens in card format. Therefore, if a new token has not registered on our Database, it will appear as a default card without any custom design. 

Token Listing on HB DEX

HB DEX is a built-in decentralized exchange on HB Wallet. Users can just stay on one application, which is HB Wallet, to purchase for any desired Tokens securely. There are thousands of transactions daily on HB DEX at this moment.


Appear on DAPPS Screen

Make your Decentralized Applications visible to thousands of active users daily on 'DAPPS' Tab of HB Wallet. 

Announcement on our channels

Introduce your DApps on HB WALLET CHANNEL and our SNS like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram and Reddit

DApps Review

Have our experts to put on a review for your DApps. They will point out the strength and competitive edge of your applications in detail within the article. 

Monetize with HB NFT Market

Developers can get their own rightful commission for each transaction on our NFT Market.



Create a FREE Community

Create a FREE community on HB Chat NOW! Users can register their communities and get those verified by HB Wallet. It is also possible  to show up on our recommended community list.

Verify and Broadcast on HB Chat

Get your community verified to enhance visibility on HB Chat. Community Sample!



Build a Token

Once a Token is built successfully, its deployed functions which include errors cannot be re-written. However, this can be avoided easily by working with an expert team. Bacoor is offering exactly what you need to build your valuable token. 

Develop a Blockchain Wallet

This is our top expertise. HB Wallet is a real and obvious proof for our skills that can be checked anytime. At this moment, we own the number one Ethereum Wallet of Japan.

Create a DApps

In the next few years, Dapps will become a very important part of Blockchain Development. Eventually, this is what most companies are aiming to. Of course, it is best to prepare from NOW for a new trend in town! 

Form up a Blockchain Application

Blockchain Applications can be diversified from basic applications on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android to B2B applications. Apparently, it is not easy to form up a proper Blockchain Application. Fortunately, Bacoor has a sufficient resource to support any Companies with this matter.


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