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hb wallet

HB Wallet is a powerful Eco-system that provides everything users need on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

  • Store Ethereum as well as ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 Tokens

  • Play Dapps Games directly on the Wallet

  • Chat with Friends, Family Members, or send them images, Ethers, and Tokens across borders.

  • Trade freely on HB DEX with cheap fees

  • Check out latest News and Events regarding Cryptocurrency

  • Secure your assets with PIN and Fingerprints locks

  • And much more!

HB Wallet comes with 04 versions: iOS, Android, Mac & Windows


hb infinity token

HB Wallet Infinity Token is an ERC-20 Token that built to support the HB Ecosystem. We aim to use this token to reduce fees for users when using HB DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and other Premium services of HB Wallet. Users now can purchase this token directly on HB DEX.


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