host an airdrop

HB Wallet now officially supports you to host your own Airdrop campaign automatically. You can launch a regular Airdrop campaign for ERC-20 Tokens, or a Gacha campaign for ERC-721 Tokens (NFT Assets). HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet on all over the world to provide this feature.


gacha drop

for erc-721 token (NFT assets)

This is a great way to increase the awareness of a Dapp Game, or a special Dapp. Here is how it works:

  1. You can contact HB Wallet team for a Gacha Event at:

  2. We will provide all the details and a Smart Contract, so you can send your rewards (NFT, Ethers, or Token) to that Smart Contract.

  3. Everyday, each user will have one chance to request for a Gacha Drop. They might or might not win a reward (based on our designed probability), but it's FREE to play, and users don't have to pay for any fees, except for the Gas Fees.

  4. You can design a task for them to get a code. After they finish your task, they can obtain your code then insert on HB Wallet before joining your Gacha Drop Event.

(*) HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet to provide this feature for NFT (ERC-721 Tokens).


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